About Us

Dvesta company is a specialized enterprise that performs development, production and operation commissioning of electric drive control systems for weight-lifting cranes.

Dvesta was founded in 1992. For many years in the industry, the company has formed a team of highly qualified specialists in the field of electric drives for weight-lifting electric cranes, power electric appliances and industrial automation.

Today the company has over 40 employees. Our engineers are trained in the educational facilities of Siemens, Schneider Electric and other companies.

In 2011 Dvesta became one of the 11 companies certified by Siemens Solution Partner Cranes in the field of crane automation. Dvesta has all the required knowledge and resources to solve the most complex tasks associated with weight-lifting cranes.

Major activities:

  • Projecting, production, assembly, setup and maintenance of weight-lifting crane control systems using thyristors and frequency converters;
  • Modernization and reconstruction of weight-lifting crane control systems and introduction of contemporary non-contact thyristor and frequency converter systems to the operating contactor assemblies;
  • Electric assembly and setup of electric industrial equipment.